Where To Buy TigerBalm Mosquito Patch For Only $5?

Other than diapers and wet wipes, mosquito patches are the next most common item in every parents’ arsenal when heading outdoors. Mosquitoes are always around, leaving your little one prone to being bitten.

Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Patch keeps your little ones safe from mozzie bites while they are out in the great outdoors, and works indoors just as well. The unique formulation wards off mosquitoes and insect bites effectively and naturally, so your child plays safer, for longer.

To help parents enjoy discounts for this everyday item to protect their child, we have come out with a discount code to stack onto existing promotions to help customers get a box of Tiger Balm Mosquito Patch (10s) at only $5 per box!

Check out using Code – MUM20

By stacking ‘MUM20’ code with the existing promotion, the total will be only $5 per box. Stocks are authentic, fresh with long expiry date (latest expiry date shown in product descriptionAPRIL2023) but do note stocks are limited and only replenished every month.

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