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Anti Cockroach Repellent Gel [6-Pack] (Antimos)


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Antimos Cockroach Repellent  requires no batteries or plug and is 100% natural and chemical free. The aroma released by the Java citronella significantly helps to reduce your attractiveness to insects. This handy little tub will keep mosquito out of your area for up to 3 weeks if used continuously.



How to use
1. Tear open shrink wrap and open plastic lid.
2. Once the plastic lid is removed, it releases a lemon-scented vapour.
3. Place it anywhere within the room or kitchen
4. Each canister is designed to protect an area of approx 80-100 sq ft and can last up to 21 days.
5. For extended usage, cover lid when not in use
6. Do not place in the direction of a blowing fan as it will disperse the vapor and reduce the effectiveness.